What Our Members Like Most

“I never feel awkward even though I am overweight and not very fit. I just feel supported by the staff and encouraged to do my best towards getting in shape. Group fitness training is really excellent…the 40 minutes flies by so quickly.”

“Love the small classes and the feeling that I’m getting one on one training. Scott and Alexius are great – very positive and motivating.”

“Fun environment and motivating group of people that always makes you want to exercise more!”

“Group training is challenging, different each time, and heart-rate monitored to get feedback.”

“Love the personal touches! There’s no motivator quite as strong as your trainer texting you asking why you didn’t attend class.”

What a Typical Group Training Session Looks Like

Group training sessions are 40 minutes long. This includes a warm-up to prepare your body for exercise and stretching at the end.

  • Strong — 10 minute strength training circuit
  • Burn — 10 minutes of heart rate based cardio intervals
  • Moves —10 minutes of functional movements
  • Finale — 1-2 minutes of a fun, team activity

Are Group Training Sessions Effective?

Developed by a team of trainers with Masters degrees and over 50 years experience, our group training features science-based workouts that include monitoring your heart rate to produce maximum results in minimum time! At the end of each session, you’ll receive a summary email of your workout including calorie burn and intensity points. Benefits of our group training include:

  • Time-efficient to fit your busy schedule
  • A variety of workouts to keep it fresh and exciting!
  • Heart rate monitoring to keep you in the best zone for high caloric burn and after burn
  • Mobile app to track your progress inside and outside of Fit10n

The Science Behind Our Group Training

Workouts are based on the latest exercise research to produce the most effective and time-efficient workouts. By monitoring your heart rate, we can make sure you are in the correct zone. Group Training maximizes the after-burn effect of exercise by increasing your metabolism for up to 36 hours after your workout!