Active Bodez is excited to partner with Growga to bring our members and their families unique, all-ages yoga & mindfulness programming!


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Growga Family Yoga
Adults and Kids age 3+
Growga Family classes are designed for the whole family to enjoy together. The classes are centered around bringing stress relief, calm, and focus home through yoga and mindfulness, approached in a fun and accessible way for all experience levels.

Growga Little Sprouts
Ages 5 and Under
In a Growga Little Sprouts class, children learn basic social emotional learning and mindfulness elements through age-appropriate breath-work techniques, yoga, story time, and creative visualization, all approached in a fun, engaging way. Parents welcome, but not required to participate.

Growga Kids Yoga
Ages 6 to 10
Designed to improve body awareness, and encourage the development of communication and social skills through fun and engaging yoga and mindfulness exercises and games.

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All the parents I spoke to said it was so innovative and imaginative and were very impressed by the way they handled the little ones.  It was a great introduction to how yoga can be tailor fit for any age group.  Growga rocked it!

Jeff and Aaron, Tanger Outlets

I took my 3 year old to a class and was blown away! Not only by how much my daughter loved the class, but how she listened to the teacher and how much she learned! She talked about the class topics for days after and I’d find her practices the yoga moves. She even remembered them for her next classes! The teachers are so creative and amazing with the kids – they make it educational and fun! 
— Amy

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