We all know that eating right is the key to taking your fitness to the next level, but it can be difficult to make informed decisions about your diet without key information related to metabolism, macros, vitamins, and nutrients. Active Bodez is proud to offer professional nutrition counseling services to help you get in the best shape of your life. Meet our incredible partners below.

Beth McDonnell MS, RD, LDN

Beth is a registered dietitian with a Master’s degree in nutrition and 25 years of nutrition counseling experience in a variety of clinical and community settings, including both individual and group sessions. She is the owner of Make Better Choices, LLC. Beth accepts BCBSNC and United Health Care insurance. Most BCBS plans cover a minimum of four nutrition visits per year and some include unlimited visits. Check your benefits today and call Beth for an appointment.

Contact Beth at 919-812-0682 or

Beth has listened to my bad eating habits and has changed the way I eat. Thank you, Beth and Active Bodez.