If you haven’t already make sure to download the app below and choose Active Bodez as your gym.

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Please have a sturdy chair available and purchase resistance bands if you don’t have any. Click here for beginner bands and here for heavier levels. Note that these were in stock on 7/25/20.


Instructional Videos


Accurofit Heart Rate integration


Virtuagym Users Desktop

  • Click on workouts
  • Under type choose standard for Virtuagym plans or Club plans for Active Bodez
  • View all plans or search for @Home for workouts designed for the home
  • You can also search by level and equipment or no equipment
  • Choose a workout and add to your calendar with the middle icon
  • Go to activity calendar, choose the day and hit the > at the top right to start your workout!

Virtuagym Users App

  • Click on workouts
  • Scroll through the workouts or search @Home for home workouts
  • You can also search by level and equipment
  • Choose a workout and add it to today or choose the calendar and schedule it
  • Go to activity calendar, choose the day and activity and click play to start your workout!


Active Bodez Member Workout Options for Desktop

  • Using the Schedule
  • Sign up for a live class on the schedule and attend at that time.
  • Sign up for Video On Demand or add a workout in the activity planner.
  • Complete this workout preferably at the scheduled time, but if need be you can complete it earlier or later in the day.
  • Use the workout player to automatically record it in your exercise history or if playing in your browser or on your phone, make sure you go back and check the box completed.
  • You can also add an activity you did that is not on our schedule, like walking or running.
  • We recommend you schedule one week at a time.
  • After scheduling you will get automatic reminders for your workouts!
  • We have many FitN Workouts on the schedule and you can also search for them in the activity planner.

Using Workouts – good to use for 30-40 minute classes

  • Click on workouts and choose Club plans.
  • Review the plans or search for things like Fit10n or home.
  • Click on the middle button by the workout to add to your calendar.
  • Using the Activity Calendar – best to use for short Fit10n (10 minute) workouts and activities like walking, biking, etc.
  • Go to Activity Calendar and click on the day you would like to add an activity
  • Click the Add Activity and a box will open. You can search Fit10n or any other exercise/activity and add it to that day. Note it does not specify a time.