Yoga is not about the fancy pose. It is about getting into your head, and your heart. It is about taking what you learn on the mat out into your life off the mat. My practice may include meditation, inversions, back bends, and balancing poses. I encourage everyone to listen to your own body and go at your own pace. All are welcome. No judgment. Expect to hear some music, move through some sun salutations, and breathe in time with your movement.


Jim Ray

PS Your first visit to our yoga practice is free. Just show up, breathe, and be here now. My one hour yoga practices are open to all levels and you are welcome to bring a colleague, neighbor, friend, and significant other.

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“Increased balance and enhanced flexibility. Love my Yoga at Active Bodez!!! Touching my toes, stretching high, low & around, balancing as I move from one position and/or activity to another. All these movements are needed each day. My yoga experience supports my effort to keep active as I live each day, explore options & experience new things. ” – Rose